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Uma dance troupe is well known as one of the best, popular, well performing dance troupe in srilanka.uma dance troupe always brings an added value to the motherland by its artistic creations & well performance since 1999. It has been creating wide range of young dancers to srilanka, which facilitates to preserve our precious cultural values for everlasting future benefit for future generation.

About Uma

Chamila Wickramasinghe learned her first step from Kulasiri Budawatta in her childhood.There for she came 25 years in dancing life till to the present day.
Chamila wickramasinghe completed her school reading in art subjects at Kottawa Dharmapala.In 1999 she started Uma dancing academy & she succeeded from her own dancing academy. Today as a teacher, she has enlightened the dancing life of large number of students & troupe with professional dancers in her own. The company performed theatre, TV shows, dealer conversations, music videos. Chamila Wickramasinghe & the Uma dance troupe will entertain you with some traditional, creative & modern dancing based on kandiyan, indian dance & free style.


Our traditional & modern dance troupe will enhance the beauty of your occasion.Such as….

  • Welcome Items
  • Weddings
  • Opening ceremonies
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Jayamangala Gatha
  • Ashtaka
  • Ves & Bera items
  • Other Special occasions.

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